Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Limburger Cheese Prank

My grandfather is not much of a prankster.

But everyone has their moments.

In his junior year of college at The University of Wisconsin, he was dating a sorority girl. She and her roommates had recently been the victims of a fraternity panty raid, and in vengeance had struck back using chunks of pungent Limburger cheese.

After the cheese served its purpose, the girls didn't want the leftovers smelling up their fridge, so the food-item was pawned off on my grandfather. "She gave it to me in a little paper bag, and I carried out to the side because, ugh, it really reeked," he said. Getting back to his empty first-floor dorm room, he quickly opened the window and set it out on the ledge, closing the window so it couldn't stink up his room.

Later that night, while studying and trying to figure out what to do with his inherited hunk of Limburger, he heard his dorm mates laughing in the den over a game of cards.

And he got an idea.

"I sneaked into their room," he said, "and turned out all their lights, and took the cheese and rubbed it on the light bulbs. And, since we used steam heat, why, I made sure the radiators weren't on and then I rubbed it on the back of the radiators."

He slipped back unseen to his room, and set the smaller piece of cheese out on the windowsill again, innocently studying and waiting for the card game to end.

"Pretty soon, one of the guys went back to his room, and when he turned on the lights...the odor was terrible," he laughed at the memory. "He really yelled for his roommate to come, and they had an awful time trying to figure out how to get rid of the smell, I mean, it really reeked."

When asked if he'd seen anything, he held up his textbooks and notes, saying he hadn't seen anything because he'd been studying.

They never did find out what happened until he told them a year later, and they laughed about it together.


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