Thursday, November 21, 2013

Five Minutes of Fame: Promoting Memories in Print on "Daytime Columbus"

So, this happened:

"Preserving Family Memories", The Daytime Columbus Show,

That's me!  And my books!  On TV!  Crazy, right??

I owe a lot of thanks to a lot of people for both getting to do this and looking halfway decent at it:

First, to the Daytime Columbus team at NBC4 who cued me, miked me, filmed me and gave me a complimentary bottle of water - after seeing the final cut, I know they did wonders to make me appear more polished and coherent, for which I'm exceedingly grateful.  Also, Gail Hogan was a very sweet and personable host whose warm professionalism did a lot to calm my desire to throw up on the coffee table.  Every minute in that studio was an enjoyable experience.

Second, to the unequalled Beth Buxton of Edwards Funeral Service.  She called me up, asked me to share one of her weekly TV spots with her, and helped guide my preparations with continuing generosity and good humor.  And when the first airing of the segment I was in got blotted out by a presidential announcement, she again went above and beyond and insisted that my clip air AGAIN the following week instead of filming a new segment.  In short: Beth is amazing - do yourself a favor and find a way to work with her.

Third, to the brave handful of previous clients who gave me their permission to share their beautiful books on camera: to Rachel and Dennis, Jane and Earl, and to Shelli.  I loved working with each and every one of you more than I can describe. Thank you for letting me share your books and stories so that I can continue to do this work for others - you guys sell me better than anything else.  (A special thanks to Rachel, specifically, who drove more than an hour to Columbus to try and watch the clip air the first time - without her efforts, we wouldn't have known that the clip needed a second airing!)

Fourth, to the support I received from friends, family, everyone, for this video.  For every person who asked "how'd it go?", every hug, every phone call, every text, every "like" and Facebook comment and repost and shared link, you guys rocked my world.  Every time I began to panic that I would screw this opportunity up, I always received a perfectly-timed piece of encouragement that allowed me to continue preparing with renewed confidence.  Thank you so much for that invaluable gift.

And, last and most, enormous thanks to my husband Dave.  Not only does he support me in every way as I grow my business, he bought me new makeup, picked up undone chores without complaint, rehearsed interview questions late into the night, and encouraged my ability to nail the spot.  All confidence I exude in this video is thanks to him.

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  1. Such a beautiful retelling of a wonderful
    event! I'm sorry I missed the original airings. You will probably be on again!